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The Sci-Fi Channel successfully reaired all 1,225 episodes of the original Dark Shadows throughout the 1990s and the early 2000s. Now, help bring DS back to television on the national MeTV Network, available via broadcast, digital and cable services. All fans should post thoughtful, encouraging e-mails via the MeTV website at http://metvnetwork.com/contact.php and on the MeTV Facebook page.

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Daily Trivia is featuring episodes beginning with the arrival of Victoria Winters and continuing until episodes can be seen on cable TV. A new episode will be posted each day around midnight whenever possible.

episode 36
Daily Trivia: For the studio scheduling, in the morning rehearsal, the actors review and read through the script in the rehearsal hall, along with the director and production assistant. Initial blocking is also done in the rehearsal hall, informing the actors where they will stand in the studio for each scene they are to appear in that day's script. The script is timed, and dialogue may be deleted if it runs too long. In today's episode, cuts were made in Act I, and Act IV was shortened.

Episode summary:
Collinwood: Vicki tells Liz she has decided to go back to New York. She is aware of David's hatred. Liz wants Vicki to stay. Hotel restaurant: Roger orders Sam not to paint Burke's portrait. He is afraid of what Sam will say to Burke. He demands Sam cancel the portrait.

Collinwood: Liz describes how she can help Vicki by staying, and Vicki agrees to stay. David reminds Vicki of his threat. Liz comforts David. Restaurant: Sam tells Vicki death came close to him tonight.

Collinwood: Roger explodes at Liz, and Liz watches in shock as he leaves. She goes to the phone and asks the operator to put in a call to Ned Calder in Portland and to call her back no matter how late it is. Vicki watches from the doorway.

Tomorrow: Vicki hears sobbing in the cellar. Roger suggests it may be a ghost.