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Daily Trivia is featuring episodes beginning with the arrival of Victoria Winters and continuing until episodes can be seen on cable TV. A new episode will be posted each day around midnight whenever possible.

Today's episode is #1107.

Daily Trivia: The red signature no longer appears on the portrait of Josette.

Episode summary:
Old House, secret room: Gerard appears, and Sebastian shoots at him. Barnabas enters, and Sebastian confesses he came to shoot Roxanne.

Drawing room: Daphne reveals there was a Roxanne Drew in 1840. Barnabas insists Daphne must leave Collinwood tonight. As Daphne and Quentin prepare to leave, they are stricken.

Collinwood: Carolyn uses her second sight to find Quentin, but she says no one can help him now. Cemetery: Quentin describes people from 1840 to Gerard. He digs into a grave and discovers it is that of Quentin Collins. Collinwood; Carolyn says nothing can be done now. Barnabas tells Daphne to fight Gerard.

Cemetery: Quentin is about to open the coffin. He calls Gerard "Death" and realizes he cannot escape. He remembers those from 1840: Leticia, Flora, Gabriel. Later: Gerard fills in the grave. Quentin is being buried alive.

Tomorrow: Sebastian takes Maggie away with him to Windcliff.