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Daily Trivia is featuring episodes beginning with the arrival of Victoria Winters and continuing until episodes can be seen on cable TV. A new episode will be posted each day around midnight whenever possible.

Today's episode is #985.

Daily Trivia: Today is the first appearance of Cyrus Longworth's laboratory, which includes a caged rabbit. Cyrus feeds it a carrot. The closing credits appear over the lab with the caged rabbit to one side.

Episode summary:
Collinwood, master bedroom: Quentin explains to Maggie that the new guest is Alexis, Angelique's twin sister. Maggie refuses to meet her. Cyrus' laboratory: Cyrus tells Chris that he saw Angelique in town. Chris thinks he's insane, spending too much time in his lab. He accuses Cyrus of investigating the distillation of the substance which will channel good and evil.

Collinwood: Hoffman sees Alexis. She recovers her cool calm and greets her as Angelique's twin sister. Alexis agrees to stay the night in Angelique's room. Angelique's room: Hoffman always knew that Angelique would return. She greets Alexis as Angelique, who denies it.

East Wing: Quentin hears Alexis playing "Ode to Angelique." He is frightened by the resemblance. They kiss. Maggie sees them, then runs off, sobbing.

Master bedroom: Quentin insists their guest is Alexis. Maggie knows Angelique is not dead. She still rules the house. They quarrel. Maggie states everyone hates her; she wants to go. Quentin angrily tells her to go. Maggie runs out of the room. Foyer: Maggie runs out of the house. Alexis watches and seems remorseful. She promises to do anything to help Quentin.

Tomorrow: Cyrus learns the woman is Alexis, Angelique's twin sister.