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Daily Trivia is featuring episodes beginning with the arrival of Victoria Winters and continuing until episodes can be seen on cable TV. A new episode will be posted each day around midnight whenever possible.

episode 17
Daily Trivia: Roger makes a great recovery from a gaffe, telling Dr. Reeves about going "about a hundred miles - it seemed like a hundred miles - down the road." The line was scripted as "a hundred feet."

Episode summary:
Collinwood, David's room: David is asleep but thrashes around, then suddenly wakes. He cries, "I didn't do it" and tries to get out by the window. Liz runs in and rescues him. As she comforts him, he insists, "I didn't mean to kill him."

Dr. Reeves' waiting room: Bill is informed Roger will be all right. He leaves to look at the car again. In the office, Dr. Reeves helps Roger adjust a sling on his arm. Roger says the brakes failed suddenly. David's room: Liz tries to reassure David.

Office: Bill returns and tells Roger he is sure it was not an accident. He shows Roger a sketch and explains that the bleeder valve was removed, causing the brakes to fail. Roger says he is sure Burke was involved.

Collinwood: David waits apprehensively for Roger. Bill and Roger arrive. Liz reports that Vicki saw Burke by his car earlier in the evening. Roger calmly bids goodnight to Liz. He tells Bill he wants to talk to Vicki. Bill suggests he wait till morning. After he leaves, Roger goes slowly upstairs. David watches, terrified.

Tomorrow: Roger leans Vicki saw Burke near his car holding a wrench. He is determined to confront Burke immediately.